I am giving away my Glide Classic App templates, for FREE.

Every person can grab one template, ONLY ONE.

These templates have been bought 140 times, all paid, generating $4,000+ in sales.

I have talked about this experience here:


Reasons for giving these classic app templates away

  1. These are no longer available for purchase via Glide's Template store.
  2. I still get enquiries for these templates because of my YouTube channel.
  3. Glide has moved on from Classic Apps.
  4. These templates can still be used for real applications.
  5. At some point, Glide will hopefully give you a way to migrate from Classic Apps to the new version.
  6. If you're a learner, these templates will help you understand how to build complex setups with Glide.
  7. I would love for more people to start transforming business operations.


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List of Templates available

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